BLITZ: THE LEAGUE :: interactive campaign

Midway Amusement Games challenged Martini’s creative team to develop a website to capture and extend the brand of their upcoming release of their alternative sports title, “Blitz: The League” where players learn that winning means to Win At Any Cost. At the core of this game title is an interactive, action-packed story about the gritty underbelly of professional sports. In that spirit, Martini wrote and designed the game’s prequel and released in segments online. The site, like the game, blurred the lines between fantasy and reality. The Blitz: The League online campaign included sites for an official sports franchise; a sports news and information portal; a sports apparel company; and a performance-enhancing
beverage. Martini also produced an online banner campaign providing linkage and push. Talk about a brand extension full of infinite possibilities, some of the creative from the campaign even worked its way back into the game itself.